Thank you ncis_love!

A big thank you to [ profile] ncis_love for the kindle book off my wishlist! My daughter and I picked this title out to read together, and we're really looking forward to it (as soon as Amazon stops giving me grief when I try to redeem the code).

Have a very happy holiday, and may your wishes come true!

Hi, Browngirl!

[ profile] browngirl,

[ profile] julie709 had to delete her account for good reasons, hasn't set up a new one yet, and she wanted me to write a post to thank you for the postcard that you sent her. So thanks! :)

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Thank you [ profile] browngirl for the deconstructed card prints, note and stickers! :)

Merry, bright, & thankful

I wanted to say a huge Christmas Eve eve thank you to everyone who sent me a card: [ profile] unsettledink, [ profile] noodles101, [ profile] mo_love_99, [ profile] bttfbabe, and [ profile] quiet_moments - y'all are too kind and looking at them all in my little place I can definitely feel the warmth & love of the season <3

[ profile] auralily: I tried to be good & wait til Christmas, I really did - but that package just called to me! Thank you so so much for the gifts & especially the thought behind them. I'm eager to test out the teas & that chocolate looks delicious. The print & magnet already have their spots picked out on my fandom wall & the badges will soon join my much-loved little army of pins on display.

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Thank you for the postcard and stickers [ profile] didu!

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Thank you for the postcard, [ profile] driftwoodwings!

Thank you for the card & stickers, [ profile] auralily!

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Thank you for the card, [ profile] cfchica!

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Thank you for the card, [ profile] bttfbabe!

Many thanks!!

First, to Jennifer (no last name given, address or LJ name!) - thanks for the card and Starbucks card! :)

[ profile] didu thanks for the postcard from Finland! I don't think I've ever received a Christmas wish from so far away before!

[ profile] abw92 thanks for the card again this year!

[ profile] changewillcome Thank you for the card! :)

[ profile] catgirl_luna thanks for the LOL worthy card!

[ profile] mo_love_99 thank you for the card!!

[ profile] med_cat Thank you for the gloves (they fit so well!), the pen, card, and assorted teas and other drinkables!!

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Thanks for the card and stickers [ profile] med_cat!

More Thanks

Thank you [ profile] retsuko for the card and stickers!
Thank you [ profile] snoopdawg for the card, stickers and notecards!

thank you!

Thank you [ profile] chantalzola for the Fiction Writer's Handbook eBook.
Thank you [ profile] browngirl for the solstice card and stickers

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Thank you [ profile] retsuko for the card & stickers

and Thank you [ profile] snoopdawg for the card, stickers, stationery and assorted papers! :)

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Thank you [ profile] browngirl and the anonymous gifter who sent me the reflexology study chart! :D


So I just had a delivery of a gorgeous chenille extra large throw/blanket that I had on my amazon wishlist.
I have no idea who it is from. It could be someone I know, or it could be because I put up my wishlist on Holiday wishes.

If it was someone here, I just want to say thank you. I'm gobsmacked.

Cross-posting, as I just found out about this place! <3

Earl made me clean by example today, so now everything is being moved, put away, taken pictures of and loved. I had an amazing Yule, you guys, and I'm doing terribly at getting my Thank you's out, but everyone was so kind and generous.

From Gifts opened on Yule --
I owe an amazing round of love, hugs and glee to [profile] thewinteroak, [profile] flamelight, [personal profile] browngirl[personal profile] snow_white, [profile] lvaineach, [personal profile] harmonybear and [personal profile] naamah_darling. You guys were so so above and beyond, I was so moved. Thank you for the tea and jewelry and socks and books and hair things, for dragon statues and owl ornaments, a trusting me with a gorgeous secret (which is now up above my Fire Altar) and for opening up my heart toward food and all sorts of things.

My hat is totally off to you all. Thank you, so so so much.

To those all who sent me cards --
Thank you to Kimber, My Aunt & Uncle, TJ & Larissa, [profile] msnotrophy, Shelly & Chris, Lady Sneill, My Brother & His family, [profile] thewinteroak, Aunt Elinor, [personal profile] earthspirits, [personal profile] purple_bug, Lady Essie, IV13, My Parents, Gwynne, Ali & Apollo, Nikki, Ny, Jenn & Sarah, Ruby, Peter & Gwen, [profile] pinkgirl28, [personal profile] memoryanddream, Didu, Betsy, Sara, Liz, Delbert, Cris, and Margaret.

You are all amazing and you filled each evening of my December with brighter and brighter smiles.

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Now that LJ is FINALLY back up...

I'd like to thank [ profile] chasethecat for her card and the assorted small stickers - what a good surprise! :D
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[personal profile] gingicat2012-12-14 04:19 pm

Hurray for books!

Candice Velasco, thank you so much for sending books to my kids! And you found a princess with my daughter's name! :)

The princess books are well above E's reading level, but they will be saved and gifted to her at the appropriate time.

J will love the Lego and Spiderman books, and might even be persuaded to share with Mom and Dad and Aunt Browngirl.

:D :D :D

Thank you!

[ profile] auralily, thank you very much for the wonderful care package! The mug and coaster are just beautiful and oh, the licorice and chocolate both look so delicious! I've tried a little of each and they're heavenly.

Thank you again! It made my day!


I got a Christmas card and owl stickers from [ profile] punkgirl28.
I got a cute Hawaiian dolphin card from [ profile] mypetconcubine.
I got a snowman Christmas card from [ profile] punkgirl28.

Also, I do have to say that [ profile] browngirl must be the patron Santa of [ profile] holiday_wishes! I love the card and all the artsy stickers with stars, flowers, roses, mythology, rainbows, fairies, and Hello Kitty!

Thanks, everyone! :D